me and my imaginary dead president

You know, as a writer, I've been challenged to come up with many an idea, storyline, or fantasy over the course of my many years. But none have been quite as rewarding as my newest project. Living with an imaginary dead president.

First order of business when cohabitating with an IDP is to select your partner. And let me tell you, there is no lack of choices here. My thoughts ran the gamut of, "Do I select Washington or Roosevelt (there are 2 to pick from)?" to "What about Reagan or Nixon?" Thank goodness Clinton and Bush (the second) are still alive, or who knows where my thoughts would have gone. But even with the vast field to choose from, I had to make tough decisions. I had to rule out the guy with wooden teeth, and the dude with the 70's porn stashe. The former actor just didn't do if for me, and's not like anyone wants to wake up to Richard Nixon's constant assertions of, "I am not a crook". I'm telling you, the snoring is bad enough as it is.

So that left me with the man on the penny. I mean, seriously...have you seen the size of his...hat?!

lincoln hat.JPG

Ok, so maybe there was more to my decision. Maybe I already had visions of Mr. Lincoln haunting my house in the eerie pre-dawn shadows. Besides, the dude had a thing for the theater...and I've always liked the theater.  And let's not forget his mad skills at slaying vampires. When you live in a haunted house, you can never discount the possibility of needing a vampire slayer. And come on...who doesn't swoon at his Gettysburg Address?

So now that that's settled, all I need to do is get to the business of cohabitating. And Mr. Lincoln...this is the new millennium, you can leave your hat on (wink).

Until the next time...I'll be dragging my IDP to karaoke!

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Posted on February 5, 2013 .