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Weekly Guest Spotlight

This week's guest, author Edward Lorn.

Where the hell am I? Are those flowers in the background? Holy crap, I've gone mad, haven't I? I've been hog-tied and set to rot away on the Isle of Frill and Romance.

Oh, hey there. I thought I was alone. Thank Tom Cruise you finally came along. My name's Edward Lorn. I'm not supposed to be here. Seriously, I write thrillers and horror and stuff. I added “and stuff” because I've been known to put, like, you know, emotions and other offal into my strokes of genius. But I digress. Don't get me wrong; I am awesome, but I need to get back to my point. What was my point? I don't think I came to one. Okay, so I should get to the topic is what you're saying? Gotcha.

Erica and I share a stable over at Red Adept Publishing. She steals my hay on a daily basis, and I must constantly remind her not to drop patties in my straw pile. But overall, she's a swell lady. She was kind enough to invite me over for tea and crumpets, so here I am. Sadly, there were no crumpets, and “tea” around Erica's household seems to be synonymous with pumpkin brandy.

Those flowers are really getting to me.


Anyway, I guess I should plug my own work. That's the thing to do, is it not? I wrote some stuff (quite a few stuffs, actually) so maybe you'd find it in your heart to read my wares. I was called “dark, malefic and often gross” in a recent review, so keep that in mind when you click the Buy Now button on your preferred bookseller's website. My newest book is Hope for the Wicked, in which a husband and wife hit-team run off to Mexico to find a kidnapped girl. Things go horribly wrong. It's a fun read, quick and to the point. Of course, by “fun” I mean traumatizing, and by “quick and to the point” I mean it bites and does not let go.

Now, where's the door? I'm obviously allergic to this type of flora. I'm starting to hallucinate. Next thing you know, I'll be calling myself awesome or genius or some such nonsense.

Coming through. Mind the ego!

Edward Lorn is an American horror author presently residing in the southeast United States. He enjoys storytelling, reading, and writing biographies in the third person. For info on his latest novel, Hope for the Wicked, click here.

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Posted on March 17, 2013 .