that'll do pigs...

Day two of pig-gate.

After a long day (and night) of chasing pigs, we were sure we'd solved the problem, having trapped them in the duck pen, but in the morning we discovered how ingenious pigs really are.

We woke up to the sound of a rooster in distress. Chester was pissed off because the pigs had taken up residence under his perch behind the duck house.  I think my rooster is far too involved with his personal decorating schemes, but that's a post for another day. Today, we're going to revisit those pesky pigs.

piggy love.jpg

I've come to the conclusion that not only is control an unattainable illusion, but we are pitifully unprepared in the event of a zombie invasion. If I can't even defend my yard against a band of marauding pigs, how will I ever protect myself against zombies? 

Somehow, those pigs had squeezed through an opening built for a duck and proceeded file into the duck house and ram themselves against the door until they broke the latch, setting themselves free. How they knew there was a door on the other side that led to freedom, I may never know. But there they were, wandering the yard again, tearing up the grass...the plants...a garden hose...and a baby pool. They even devoured a week's worth of chicken feed before we discovered them.

Again, I wish I'd had a film crew getting this down for the world to see. Watching my husband racing from one side of the yard to the other, in hot pursuit of pigs, is something I'll never forget. And I'm sure the look on my face when he told me to "run" after them, was priceless.

I do not run. Not in farm boots. Not on rough terrain. Not unless my life is in imminent danger. It's just not going to happen. Let's face's a damn good thing I'm smart, because otherwise, I'd have been eaten by now.

Speaking of smart...I finally put my own plan in motion while others chased pigs around, and low and behold, the pigs were trapped. So yeah...we caught them all. And locked them back up. And fortified the perimeter of the duck...or rather...pig house. And a whole day later, they're still there.

For now.

Who knows what morning will bring.

Until the next time...I'll be looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

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Posted on April 13, 2013 .