a hard life

Let's face it. I'm spoiled. I know it. You know it. We may as well put it out there for the whole world to know it. I. Am. Spoiled.

Front porch of the haunted farmhouse

Front porch of the haunted farmhouse

But I'm ok with that. I live in a modern world filled with modern conveniences, and I like it that way. I like opening the refrigerator and finding cold water inside. I like pushing a button and having an entire meal cooked for me in mere seconds in the microwave. I like flicking a switch and having the lights come on...oh wait. I don't have that here, do I?

It's been several weeks with limited electricity here in the haunted farmhouse and I, for one, am getting a bit perturbed that I'm still having to use candlelight in certain rooms of my house. I'm annoyed that I can't run the microwave and the refrigerator on the same circuit (even though they're both in the kitchen) and I'm really bothered by the fact that I can't use a blow dryer anywhere in the house. Not that I'm ultra vain or anything, but sometimes hair must be dried!

On the upside...after more than a year living on the farm, we are finally making headway on the perimeter fence. My dogs will no longer be able to wander off the property in the dead of night when they claim they have to pee, when all they really want to do is chase small woodland creatures through the underbrush. My chickens will no longer be able to sun themselves on the neighbor's porch. And best of all, when the pigs escape their pen next time (and the law of averages says they will) they'll be stopped by the perimeter fencing before they can terrorize the entire community. Now if only I could get the wiring to cooperate.

Baby steps, right?

Until the next time...I'll be dining in the dark!

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Posted on April 15, 2013 .