better late than never

Today was a beautiful day.

I think we’ve finally navigated completely out of winter and into spring. The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold and the sun was shining. So, of course, the significant other was itching to do some yard work around the farm. We have a visitor coming to see the farm, so it has to be in tip top shape, which means I had to help.

I love planning the garden, love picking out flowers, love every step of the process…except for the actual planting. I do not like playing in the dirt.  I’ll rake.  I’ll stand out there and point to where I want the flowers to go.  I’ll even help clean up the yard debris.  I just can’t take a live plant and sink it into the ground…not without killing it.  My husband is very good with plants.  And he can stay in the sun all day without turning to dust.  Unlike me.  I’ve already established that I ignite in the sun—like a vampire.  I avoid the sun as much as possible.  It’s really better that way. The sun is bad for your skin.  I like my skin.  It needs to last for my entire life.  I can’t afford to let it burn up in the sun, and you just can’t plant a garden after dark, it’s hard to see what you’re doing. 

But I don’t really mind yard work.  I would like it a lot more if it didn’t involve being in the yard.  There are mosquitoes and ants…and bees in the yard.  And, like I said, the sun.  There just isn’t enough sunscreen in the world to combat spending an entire day in the blazing hot sun. 

The good news is I got an evening out for my troubles. We went to see a live band in North Carolina, then stopped off at a karaoke bar in Tennessee on the way home. If we’d just made one more stop back in Georgia, we could have had a triple header, but I guess I’m just getting too old for the bar hopping. I reached my two wine cooler limit and was ready to head home. And not a minute too soon, either. I almost forgot to write a blog. And we’ve already established how bad that would be.

Until the next time…I’ll be up at the crack of ten to greet the visitors.

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Posted on April 6, 2013 .