I was groped by a tourist

A party just isn't complete until you've been groped by a tourist. That's what I always say. Ok, so I've never said that before, but it sort of fits, so I'm saying it now.

katie party.jpg

Last night when I went to my usual Tuesday karaoke night at the local watering hole, I was surprised to find my friends had gone all out, throwing me the party to beat all parties. And not just a party, but a color coded book launch party! Even the food was done to match the colors of my book cover. It was a To Katie With Love karaoke party.

I was treated to pink frosted cupcakes, cherry cheesecake, and pink cherry fudge. The mints were wrapped in black and white wrappers, and the napkins and paper plates were pink. They even had matching balloons and printed copies of my cover to decorate the table.


Rhonda (the party planner of the group) even scattered orchids around the table. Orchids that were quickly snatched up by my farmboy (IDP's weekend farm assistant, Mason) to decorate his person. A sight I just had to capture for posterity.

The first song on the repertoire last night was Etta James's  At Last, readers of the book may note this is the same song Katie sings when she takes her turn at the mic in To Katie With Love. I didn't sing it, but I was delighted that someone thought to do it.

We had a blast, singing and scarfing down sugary treats. I even had a lemon drop martini in honor of Katie's fall from grace at the hands of too much liquor. But before I knew it, it was time to go. And as we picked up the mess and packed up the treats I was approached by a group of middle aged men in town for business and taking in the sights. They wanted to congratulate me on my singing skills and beg me to come back for an encore the next night. Then the one guy went in for a hug. And you know (if you've been reading this blog for while) I don't do hugs. It's just not my thing. but there I was, getting a hug from a total stranger. A hug, and a very obvious grope.

I've got to admit, I was sort of flattered. Hey, it's not every day I get groped by strangers. Then the same guy went and groped Mason's ass too. I'm going to pretend it was because Mason was decked out in pink orchids and ribbon, and not because this drunk couldn't tell me from the eighteen year old boy standing next to me. I don't think my ego could take that.

Until the next time...I'll be finishing off the pink fudge before going back on my diet!

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Posted on May 1, 2013 .