the holiday tree

I've done some crazy things in my day. I've embarrassed myself in almost every way imaginable, sometimes just for the entertainment value it presents. But this time, I'm actually cringing as I type this. It's May third and I have yet to take down my Christmas tree. We're almost halfway between last Christmas and the next and my tree is still up and decorated.

In January, I blamed it on the flu. I was actually quite sick for several weeks, and I gave myself a free pass on the holiday clean up. The wreaths were all taken down and packed away. Porch decorations, outside lights...all back in their boxes and stored in the attic for next year. But the tree still sits in the corner, decorations as perfectly placed as the day I hung them. And as winter turned to spring, and spring creeps up on summer, I have absolutely no excuse.

I tried calling it a holiday tree...making the excuse that Valentine's Day deserved equal billing. And St. Patrick's Day should get some attention...and trees are green. It even seemed plausible to suggest Christmas ornaments look a lot like Easter eggs if you squint your eyes. But the truth is it's become a challenge I just can't face.

The artificial conifer taunts me from the corner with it's shiny balls and lights...lights that haven't been plugged in since the first of January.

But I'm going to do it. I feel like this month will be the month I actually put Christmas behind me once and for all. Or well, for a few months until I pull it back out again. Maybe I should just leave it up. It's only six more months til Thanksgiving. And that's just one step away from Christmas anyway. Besides, the 4th of July is coming, and Christmas trees sort of look like the dark. And summertime is full of trees. What's one more?

Yeah...I think I've got this handled.

Until the next time...I'll be plotting more ways to keep my tree up.

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