an apple a day

I had this really amazing blog I wrote for today. It was witty, and fresh, and so very me. It was going to delight and astound all who read it.

And then my stupid laptop cleared the screen (without my permission) erasing every single word (without saving) thereby dashing my hopes for an academy award in blogging. And causing me to spew forth a stunning display of vulgar language worthy of the best 4th of July spectacular.

My husb...I mean, my imaginary dead president (IDP for short) has threatened to record my frequent laptop rants and splice them into a YouTube video. He says it would be quite entertaining. I say (insert vulgar language here). The problem is not me. The problem is my inferior laptop. A machine that has been defective almost since the day I got it. The problem is I was resistant to buy a Mac. Oh, yes...that's the problem!

But I know what has to be done. I have to start saving up for the new MacBook Pro. It's not cheap. It's not even reasonable. But apparently, it's the one to have...the laptop of champions. I don't know all the specifications, I let my tech savvy IDP handle those things for me. I just show up and write. And apparently, one needs the proper tools to write.

I have to admit, I'll miss the old laptop. We fought often, and we fought hard, but it got me through some pretty tough spots. We did edits on my book together. We came up with several projects together. It cleared my screen during most of them, forcing me to come up with new, even better ideas. But it was always there...running out of battery just when I needed it. Blue screen of death at the most inopportune moments. Yes...we had a nice run, stupid freaking laptop. But your days are numbered!

Until the next time...I'll be taking donations!

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Posted on May 24, 2013 .