so much for may flowers

Isn't the saying supposed to be, "April showers bring May flowers?"

Well, I think someone up there must be playing tricks on me because we've been inundated with May showers ever since it officially became May. And despite the IDP's tendency to say I embellish, when I say inundated, I'm not exaggerating. The nearby river is so high, if someone pees in it, it's going to flood the town! And if the town floods, we might not have electricity. And that would totally suck for lots of reasons.

And speaking of sucking in the rain...

Why does my dog have to like getting wet? I know, dogs are like men...they dig playing in the mud, rolling around in it, staring off into space while it soaks into their coats. But why Indiana? Joey (our other dog) backs away from the door if it's raining. He wants NO part of wet feet. Indy seems to look forward to rainy days. He went out today and plopped down in the grass to hang out with the chickens...all the while it was pouring on him and he refused to come in. And when he does come in, it's my job to dry him off. That's when he has me do my very best matador impression while he plays the bull, running through the draped towel again and again until I'm as wet as he is. And when I finally give up trying to dry him, he climbs into my bed to sleep it off.

The sheets are in the wash at this very minute. I may get to sleep at some point tonight. Who am I kidding...I'll be awake all night long. And I'll be doing it without sheets. While I listen to the rain pattering against the roof. And the mice scampering through the walls. And the rooster crowing because he got in the pig paddock again and can't figure out how to get out. And the dog snoring since he's completely worn himself out from playing in the rain. And the buzz of the electricity flowing through (half) the house while it's still working. And maybe...just maybe...I'll be inspired to write about flowers blooming in May.

Because I've been waiting a long time for spring. I may as well enjoy it.

Until the next time...I'll be hoping the river doesn't flood!

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Posted on May 5, 2013 .