where's my juice?

Well, it's finally happened. The pigs have given me swine flu. I'm hacking and coughing. I can't breathe. I'm tortured with body aches and fever. I was plagued with strange dreams all night long...that is, when I slept. I'm not sure I'll survive til morning.

Or I just have a cold. Could go either way. I suppose I should err on the side of caution and stay in bed. Doing dishes and laundry is probably bad for a cold. I definitely shouldn't cook or clean...that stirs up dust. No, I should take it easy. Drink lots of juice. Keep a roll of toilet paper within arms reach at all times. Slather on the Vicks. Definitely, stay away from the pigs. Can't take any chances with lowered immunity.

If it weren't for the sneezing and runny nose, the headache and sore throat, the chills and lack of appetite (I'm not even craving chocolate!) I'd say this was just like any other day. But it's not. So I'm heading back to bed.

Until the next time...I'll be dreaming up my next blog post!

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Posted on May 7, 2013 .