Today I'm doing something a little different. A bunch of writer friends and I were challenged to write 100-word drabbles with the topic, "Payback." If you're not familiar with the format, a "drabble" is a little piece of writing that is 100 words long, or less. In the most technical sense, that drabble should be exactly 100 words. And mine is...


“Wait…ugh…right there. That’s it.”
“You like that baby?” he purred from above.
“Oh, God, you know I do.” I moaned, as he worked his magic.
He paused while I slowed my breathing. “Well, as they say, turnabout is fair play.”
“By all means, consider this my payback. Again?”
He laughed. “You got it, sweetheart.”
I groaned as he initiated round two.
“Forgot how good I am?” he asked, tickling my sides.
“Shut up.” I giggled. “Be glad I’ve held out this long.”
“You’d better not be doing this with anyone else!”
“Never. You give the best massages.”
“Yes, I know.”

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