the dory fisher incident

So, I woke up this morning after only five hours of sleep, by a dog that wouldn't go outside for his daddy. No, Indy waited until Daddy left the house, then he came to wake me up, because I am the very best taker-outer of all. And I'm not complaining about the title--best taker-outer is an honor--but I would have liked a few more hours of sleep.

The problem with no sleep is it leads to a far more serious condition...lazybloggeritis. 

Now, this condition isn't fatal. I will survive. But it does take at least twenty-four hours of rest and possibly a few strawberry daiquiris to cure it. So since I'm under the paper umbrella for the evening, I figured I'd share one of the guest posts I did during my recent blog tour. Some of them were pretty funny, and I just can't share them enough.  

Finding Dory Fisher 

What’s in a name? That which we call a fish would still smell after several days…

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what Shakespeare meant, but trust me when I say names are important. I’ve devoted entire posts to this topic, but not exactly in the same context. I’m not talking about naming my firstborn or dealing with a name I was given before my personality was developed enough to fit into it. I’m talking about naming characters in a book.

For example, I have this new book… you might have heard of it: To Katie With Love. It’s a romantic chick-lit fraught with mystery and humor, but in the editing process, I was forced to ditch one of my character names...

 For more on the Dory Fisher incident, visit Laurie Here's blog:

Until the next time...I'll be recuperating. 



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