the adventures of blog girl

Ok, confession time.

And no, I haven’t been drinking, just thinking. But let’s face it, that might be just as dangerous as the alcohol. Because even when I’m not playing Drunky Brewster, I laugh at myself. 

And I’m not just talking about when I fall down. But I laugh then, too.  No, I’m talking about laughing at my own jokes.  Or laughing at my own reflection in the mirror when I have tissues stuffed up my nose to keep it from running. I know we aren’t supposed to admit such crimes against humanity, but I do it.  And damn it, I’ll do it again. 

How could I possibly deny the humor in botched bikini waxes, flooding the stove, or getting locked out of the house in my underwear?

I skim through my old blogs sometimes and just laugh until I cry.  I pretend it wasn’t me struggling with a pair of homicidal pantyhose, or attempting to do contortionist type moves on a fireman’s pole (wait…back up…not a “fireman’s” pole…I’m referring to a pole like the one firemen slide down.  Oh, you know what I mean.) 

I just run through blogs and laugh.  At me.

When I’m not laughing, I’m writing things that will make me laugh.  And if it makes me laugh, I can only hope it will make you laugh too.  I have the best job ever…even if I don’t make a million dollars to do it. I am a full time writer/blogger/danger magnet who laughs at herself all day long. 

In some alternate reality, you would likely find me locked in a padded cell where I would be pumped full of happy juice while being spoon-fed by men in white coats.  All to keep me safe from the inevitable self-inflicted bikini wax.  

But bumps, bruises and wax burns aside, I’m perfectly content to live where I am, juggling chickens, pigs, a giant slobbery dog, an imaginary dead president playing the part of my husband, housework, writing, and life in general, all while somehow managing to stay upright...well mostly.

Even when I accidentally drink one too many wine coolers on a Tuesday night.

Until the next time…I’ll be saving the world, one giggle at a time.


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Posted on July 10, 2013 .