to blog is human

Confession time.

Sometimes I share too much. I know. My elusive husband is forever telling me I have a terminal case of TMI syndrome. It's true. The world probably knows my scheduled PMS episodes better than I do. And my desire to share with the entire world is what prompted my husband to forbid me to share any information about him, thereby sparking my new relationship with the imaginary dead president, or IDP for short.

But deep down, I don't care. I like blogging. I like sharing. I like connecting with people on a deeper level and letting my hair (and my inhibitions) down. Well, in a strictly platonic way, of course. But this is who I am.

Blog girl.

Yes, blog girl can handle just about any situation thrown at her with grace and diplomacy.  I may be destined to trip over chainsaws, loose rocks, and air on a daily basis. And ok, I might be forbidden to play with fire or boil eggs without adult supervision, but I'm more than capable of dodging real life situations to make up way more exciting pretend ones instead. Whether it's marauding pigs, the plagues of Egypt, or evil garden gnomes, you're likely to find me right in the thick of it...possibly face down after tripping over my own shoelaces. But I'm out there. Sharing with the world. Holding nothing back!

Except the stuff I'm not allowed to talk about. But you didn't want to know about that stuff anyway.

Until the next time...I'll be waiting for my next adventure! 


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Posted on July 11, 2013 .