the scoop

Do you remember that scene in Toy Story when Buzz and Woody got stuck in the game with the little aliens and the claw? I'll refresh your memory here... 

So, back to my story.

I was reminded of this scene today, when I went out to feed the turkeys . We've been allowing them to roam a little during the day. You know, enjoy the scenery, forage for bugs, bask in the sunshine.

"Ahhh...the scoop!" 

"Ahhh...the scoop!" 

But when I stepped off the porch at lunchtime carrying the giant green scoop filled with turkey feed, they all came flocking to me like bugs to a windshield. I was inundated by turkeys squawking and flapping wings until they all sat at my feet and got quiet, each of them gaping up at me with their homely little faces, in apparent awe of the green scoop. It immediately made me think of those little green aliens in Toy Story.

Especially after I poured out the food and instead of rushing to their meal, they continued to wonder at the empty plastic receptacle. I could almost hear them, "Ahhhh, the scoop. The scoop is our master."

But that's just crazy. Turkeys can't talk, right? 

Until the next time...I'll be listening to talking turkeys. 

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Posted on August 1, 2013 .