fall into Christmas?

We’re not even a week into fall and already I’m seeing things I shouldn’t see. I should be seeking out the perfect pumpkin and hanging spooky decorations. You know…stretching out artificial spider webs to disguise the real ones I just can’t bring myself to knock down. And staking out a giant lawn display with vampires and zombies, to scare off all the children who might lay claim to my stash of bite-sized Snickers bars and Tootsie Rolls. But when I hit the big local discount store to find the perfect fall decorations, what did I find? 


And not just a few things here and there, either. It was the lights, the decorations, and the boxes of cards to be mailed. And what of the giant scary lawn decorations? They had they’re own aisle but it was off to the side and had Christmas stuff stacked in front of the shelves. Are you with me? 

It’s not even October and the stores look like we’re well into November.  I thought we were in the Halloween season. Time of witches and ghosts. Jack-o-lanterns and ghouls. Not reindeer or elves…not mistletoe or Santa Claus.

I want tricks and treats, not streets filled with shoppers!

Should I really be concerned with Christmas shopping this early? Yes, I know some of you have already done all your Christmas shopping, and I’m here to tell you…I hate you. I do. Every year I tell myself I will shop early to avoid the lines and the stress. And every year I wait until after Thanksgiving. What does this mean? If you ask me, it means the crazy rush to put up Christmas displays is wasted on the vast majority of us who are still in height of Halloween spirit right through the end of October.

I want things to go back to the way it was when I was a kid. 

October was Halloween. November was Thanksgiving. And December was all about Christmas. You didn’t shop until the day after Thanksgiving. You didn’t put up your tree before carving the turkey (let’s not discuss the fact that my bare tree is still in quiet corner of my living room. We pretend it’s not there.) And you damn sure didn’t wander through stores fully decked out with Christmas finery smack dab in the first week of autumn. Is it really too much to ask? Isn’t there more to the holiday season than blatant commercialism?

I guess I’m just old fashioned. But I’m warning the stores today…I’ve decided to boycott every store with Christmas decorations up in October. Sure that means I may have to grocery shop at the gas station…I can live with that .I’m making a statement after all!  Dad always said it only takes one voice to start a revolution. 

Hey…viva la revolucion!

Until the next time…I’ll be looking for pumpkins at the farmer’s market!

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Posted on September 26, 2013 .