I put a spell on you

The high-tech redneck hubby has made it his mission to get all our fall planting done as quickly as possible. So far, we have nine new fruit trees, four blueberry bushes, and several lavender and rosemary plants. But is that enough? Oh no.

Our to-do list for this weekend: a trip to the local nursery.

As I wandered the rows of green, seeking out the perfect shade loving ornamentals for the front porch, hubby called out several familiar names. Artemisia, verbena, hawthorne...all plants I recognized from spells I'd written within the pages of Suddenly Sorceress. So, of course, I couldn't stop myself from blurting out how I'd used each one in a spell.

The lady who owns the nursery giggled when I mentioned spells and plants. I was sure she'd think I was crazy, so I quickly told her I wrote a book about a witch. She was fascinated. But I soon discovered her fascination was born out of her own secrets, when she admitted to being a witch. She asked me all sorts of questions about my book, and the research I'd done for my spells. She seemed genuinely excited to share her personal experiences, as if she'd been bursting to tell someone, but didn't dare. And then I came along, spouting off about my witch and her spells. You just never know who you're going to meet while shopping for plants.

And who knows, she might just be a wealth of information while I'm writing the sequel. Oh, and I got some really nice plants there. I'll definitely stop in again. Who knows, we might swap recipes.

Until the next time...I'll be playing in the dirt. 


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Posted on September 28, 2013 .