laptop, my laptop

I did it. Today, I finally did it. I ordered my new laptop. And none too soon, either. My current, ancient (at least 4 years old), borrowed laptop is the bane of my otherwise happy existence. It's sole purpose seems to be to drive me ever closer to the cliffs of insanity. But soon, I will pack it up in a drawer and never have to see it again. Because, today I ordered a brand new laptop.

Now begins the countdown to arrival. And I can already tell that countdown will drag like a zombie caught on the bumper of a pick up truck. But at least it won't be forever. Even if it might seem like it. The time will pass, and eventually my computer will be delivered. I can feel the productivity swelling within me already.

In fact, the simply act of ordering made me more creative. I banged out a new chapter in a current project just today. The books will begin to pour out of me. 

Perhaps I'm exaggerating. 

Or not. I guess time will tell.

Until the next time...I'll be counting down the days. 


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Posted on September 5, 2013 .