turkeys do the strangest things

I discovered a strange habit today. Not mine. No, this is about the turkeys. They're apparently attached to my little dog Joey, like Velcro. They follow Joey around the yard as if he's the pied piper. Or the head turkey.

The funniest part is that Joey doesn't seem to be aware of this odd behavior. It would seem the turkeys are keeping their hero worship a secret. Any time the dog turns around to investigate the noise behind him, the turkeys scatter. Then when he heads on his merry way again, they hurry to keep up.

Just another piece of the crazy pie on my haunted farm. 

Speaking of haunted... 

As you may know, my daughter, Alexa is the only one of our four kids actually residing at the farm with us these days. Since my bedroom is on the main level, she's the only person to frequent the upstairs rooms. So, this week while she was away, it was that much more creepy when the upstairs bathroom lights turned themselves back on after the hubby switched them off.

It's one thing to hear footsteps up there when we know no one's home, but to see other evidence...lights turning on and off by their own accord...that's just scary. Way scarier than clingy turkeys. 

But such is my life. 

Until the next time...I'll be stocking up on light bulbs.  

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Posted on September 6, 2013 .