Spring cleaning

I woke up to a beautiful Monday morning and realized I needed to tackle my spring cleaning. But who wants to clean on a nice day? Not me. Hell, I don’t wanna clean on a rainy day, but I can’t really get away with not cleaning unless I want my house to smell like stinky dogs and dirty dishes. And that’s just gross. So today I clean! Right after I write this blog post... and have breakfast... and maybe squeeze in a quick workout since it’s such a nice day. I should really work on Shattered Souls before my fans storm the gates with torches and pitchforks. You know, maybe I’ll just clean tomorrow...


Who devised this whole idea of spring cleaning anyway? I mean, why don’t we just clean a bit every day? Would it really kill me to drag the vacuum out more often? And it’s not like I don’t clean at all... I had to mop my bathroom yesterday when the dog had a little accident on the slate floor. And I do dishes and laundry almost every day. So why do I leave the cobwebs and dust bunnies for special occasions? Like the changing seasons or company coming? Why do I still have a pile of ash in my fireplace when I haven’t had a fire since February? Because someone somewhere made up this grand idea of “spring cleaning” so I left it until then. But no one said when this magical day would actually come. Spring actually started over a month ago, but thanks to that ungrateful groundhog, we haven’t exactly had that much actual spring weather until now. And now I don’t wanna be inside when I could be out on the deck, smelling the flowers that didn’t die in that last minute April frost we had, while I sip on sugar free lemonade while I work on my next book! But is that likely to happen? Noooo. Not while I have slobber slingers clinging to the windows and yesterday’s dinner dishes in the sink. 


At least the weather report promises several nice days in the forecast. I guess I can sit on the deck tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just sit out there for a few minutes while I eat...errrr...drink my morning protein smoothie. Cleaning can wait just a little bit longer, right? I mean, it’s not like spring is going anywhere for a minute.

Until the next time... I’ll be enjoying just a tiny bit of sunshine.

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Posted on May 7, 2018 .