damn the plans!

After my Friday plans went completely awry, I decided to scrap the whole idea of making plans for the rest of the weekend.  I figured if I didn’t plan, I wouldn’t be disappointed when they all fell apart.

I came home from my busy Saturday at the bank to discover my husband cleaning the house.  He had brought the planting table into the kitchen and planted four trays of seed starters to ready the plants for the garden.  They will spend their germinating time in the sunny window of my breakfast room.  He had also cleaned the laundry room, organized the kitchen, cleaned and sealed the granite countertops and did the dishes!  But as usual, a good house cleaning has its casualties. 

Everything from the laundry room was scattered throughout the dining room and the main hall but I just didn’t care.  Mike asked me what I had planned for Saturday and I said, “Nothing…I’m not planning.”  He didn’t really like that.  He likes to plan, but I felt liberated. 

I picked the girls up from their friend’s after last night’s sleepover, and they asked me, “What’s the plan?” To which I said.  “Nothing…I’m not planning.”  They checked me for fever, and I’m sure they secretly suspected some form of dementia, but they didn’t complain. 

Living in a world without plans is utter chaos! 

I think I might like chaos.  We spotted a pack of dealers…I mean Girl Scouts…standing on the side of the road, so I made a legal U-turn and scored three boxes of Thin Mints.  I hadn’t planned for it, but miraculously, I had cash in my purse.  I never have cash! 

After downing an entire box of Thin Mints (I had help!) I spent the better part of the afternoon sitting in the passenger seat of my car while my daughter drove me around town getting job applications.  Did I mind?  Nope!  I didn’t have any plans.

As it got closer to dinner, I was asked, “What are we having for dinner?” And I said, (can you guess?) that’s right, I said, “I don’t care.  I have no plans!” 

My husband made stew.  It was pretty good.  I don’t know what the meat was (he doesn’t eat cow anymore.) I suspected it might be the rabbit that has been ransacking his garden lately, but I decided its best not to ask questions.  At least all the dogs were accounted for. 

And after dinner Mike and I watched a movie in our room (somehow he had managed to get through the past decade without having seen The Sixth Sense) And when it was over (without making a single plan for my blog) I decided to take my husband, my daughter, and my best friend to see Remember Me.  What could be better than an evening out with Robert Pattinson?

All this without a single concrete plan! 

Of course, when I got home from the movie, my chaos theory came crashing down around me when I came to the startling discovery that an entire day without plans leaves one pitifully unprepared to write a daily blog. 

No matter!  Since when does the daily blog have to be planned out?  Since when do I need notes?  Or ideas?  Or even tangible activities to write about?  Most days I stare at the screen well past ten thirty with absolutely no idea what I will write, and still manage to come up with magic by the stroke of midnight.  I just got a later start tonight. (Or, as it happens, this morning.)

I think I might like this living without plans.  I think I might do this more often.  I think I might…well, I have no idea what I might…I’m not making plans!

Until the next time…I have no idea what I’ll be doing!

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Posted on March 14, 2010 .