I came, I saw, I painted the hell out of the place

Remember a few months ago I was on this crazy quest to find the perfect white? It was my goal to find the perfect shade to paint my living room and I was bound and determined it would be a warm billowy cloud white. I bought no less than a dozen samples, I painted boards, matched fabrics, annoyed the living crap out of my husband as I set out to find the perfect color. And today, nearly six months later I finally painted the room.


Yes, I totally ditched the idea of white on a crazy whim at the paint store. With no samples, no fabric matching, no thought whatsoever, I simply closed my eyes and picked a color.

Ok, so I didn’t close my eyes, but the rest of it’s true. I picked a blue/green gray and painted one wall. The others will follow tomorrow. And I love it…sort of. I’m still not quite sold, but I will be, once it’s all done. I hope. And for what it’s worth, my husband says the color looks like it belongs here. Like it was the color the house would want if it could speak. After all, the house was built in the 20’s and the color is a vintage 1920’s shade, so there you have it.

Now I just have to mourn the idea of white.

And as the kids reminded me (over and over again) white wouldn’t look good with dog slobber on it. And they might be right…probably right. But it would have been worth it. I’m sure of it.

Oh well. We’ll never know, will we?

Until the next time…I’ll be painting!

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Posted on September 16, 2012 .