my life is a sitcom

I should have known better than to paint on a Monday. It should be written on a greeting card…or a fortune cookie. Nothing good will come from painting on a Monday. Especially on a rainy Monday, but really, the weather was never the problem.

No, my problem came in the guise of a pair of super-sized dog paws.

I spent the better part of an hour scrubbing wet paw print shaped paint from my hardwood floors Monday evening. And then, countless minutes scrubbing paint from the actual paws. I have no idea how Indy managed to step in my paint tray without my notice, but he did. And before I knew what was happening, he’d managed to track paint throughout the downstairs. If I wasn’t so horrified, I would have laughed. It was like he was creating a crazy path for people to follow. It circled into the kitchen and bathroom more than once.  Luckily, he didn’t make his way to the leather couch because I’d afraid to even think about how that would have turned out. 

As it was, his foray into the arts put the brakes on my painting project for the rest of the evening. And it’s probably a good thing it did. Just after cleaning the foot prints, I was drawn to a banging at the back door just in time to find the entire flock of chickens and ducks camped out on the porch ready to revolt if I didn’t feed them…again.

It was like an Alfred Hitchock movie as they jumped and flew into the air to snatch bits of bread from my fingers. I’m sure I have little snips taken from my finger tips in their excitement. Crazy damn birds. This is what I get for giving them treats.

Ah…life on the farm. Gotta love it.

Until the next time…I’ll be painting with my dog!

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Posted on September 17, 2012 .